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Name Tags

name TagsName tags are vital in a company with various employers. The image presented above displays a nametag with the Employees name and above it, the logo of  there company. In the back we have the magnet. Instead of the usual pin, this name tag offers a magnet for an easy clip on. No need for pinning the clothes, the magnet leaves no marks and its an easy on and off! If you are looking for a different type of name tag, that is okay. ASG Unlimited has multiple options for you to choose from. As well as the name tag format, you may  also customize the font and style of the lettering and coloring as you wish.  Name tags help employers look presentable and professional, that is why it is important to get exactly what you are looking for. Name tags also help when working with customers. Customers tend to ask for an employees name because they really enjoyed the customer service, with a name tag they don’t have to. They will already know. If you are looking for something besides name tags check out our other items. We work on signs of all kind, banners, promotional items, etc. Make sure to call us today!